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Agriculture currently is, and is likely to remain a key economic sector and employment generator in Maruleng. Maruleng dominant economic activity is commercial agriculture.

The region is the leading producer and exporters of mango and one of the largest producers of citrus. Other crops such as vegetables are increasingly becoming important.

Citrus and mango require significant production levels in order to be profitable and there are concerns that these are not viable options for small emerging farmers unless structured through cooperatives.


Potential exists to introduce sugar cane which would provide alternatives for smaller emerging.

Types of products
The types of products grown in the area vary between subsistence and commercial farming, with the latter relying on irrigation to produce variety of crops namely:

  • Field crops such as
    • maize
  • Produce crops such as
    • citrus,
    • mango,
    • vegetables,
    • tomatoes,
    • avocados and onions.


There are other agricultural activities such as live stock which focuses on cattle, goats and poultry, and game farms and marula.